Medical Insurance


MUA health insurance is a health insurance that covers all your needs according to your budget.

Your medical coverage adapts to your family situation, your health condition, and your projects. We offer health insurance for those over 50, but also health insurance for your children studying abroad.

Our services accompany you for your care and for your reimbursement.

Benefit from health insurance coverage that takes care of everything while you take the time to recover.



MUA’s medical insurance takes care of you and your family. It includes many options that adapt to your needs and the amounts of contributions adapted to your budget.

Medical coverage covers the cost of medical treatment and surgical procedures.

Your short or long stay in the clinic is also supported. Not to mention that we cover all your daily needs such as optical and dental care.

Medicaid Health Insurance evolves with you. For example, you can add care for your future pregnancy whenever you want

If you are travelling, you can be covered thanks to our partnership with AXA Assistance which covers the costs of repatriation or legal assistance required outside Mauritius according to certain situations.

When you are close to retirement, your medical needs are more substantial and if you do not have confidence insurance, it can be expensive.

A Platinum Care Health Plan is the ideal solution to cover reimbursement for visits to specialists or prescriptions for expensive drugs.

Your clinic stays are also included in Platinum Care coverage for periods ranging from a few days to several weeks. And if you are hospitalized, we offer you a weekend at the hotel so that you can recover in peace*!

(*according to the terms and conditions of your insurance policy)

For French expatriates in Mauritius, MUA, in collaboration with the Henner Group, provides you with insurance coverage in addition to the “Caisse des Français de l’Etranger (CFE)”.

With the CFE you enjoy the same rights as in France:

  • Same health reimbursements,
  • Same benefits for employees: in case of work stoppage, disability, or death,
  • You also continue to contribute to the mandatory pension

Whether you are alone, in couple or family stay protected!

Henner and MUA offer insurance that assists you at different levels:

  • Assistance before leaving for expatriation

Expat Duo assistance advises you before expatriation:

It gives you details on the medical expenses in force in different countries or on the administrative procedures to adopt…. Go and reassure and prepare!

  •  Pension options to improve your comfort

With Expat Duo, you are covered from the moment you subscribe for 3 or 6 months to allow your additional formula to coincide with the opening of your rights with the CFE.

Even abroad you can anticipate and deal with difficult situations. So, in case of job loss, Expat Duo gives you benefits, which complement those of the CFE.

As for medical coverage, World Zen Repatriation Assistance covers the formalities and expenses in case of death or travel to attend the funeral of a relative in France. This assistance also includes travel for adequate medical care.

Expat Duo also provides legal assistance in case of problems with the law for legal fees or the advance of a deposit.

Sign up for Expat Duo and take all the benefits you enjoy in France with you.

Protecting Your Children While Studying Abroad- Health Plan for overseas students.

Giving your children a chance to study abroad is a great gift, but you can do more. You can protect them from health problems.

With our Health Plan for overseas students offer, you will allow your children to benefit from all the medical and hospital care they will need for their study abroad.

Our benefits include the Worldwide Assistance Service, which is international assistance applicable in the country of residence but also during travel.

Hospital costs are also covered whether it is a medical or surgical procedure. Without forgetting the repatriation service with medical transport and legal assistance outside Mauritius if necessary